Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – A show at the HMAC club in Midtown Harrisburg on Sunday evening ended with a fight onstage, followed by the sound of gunfire in the parking lot. A video from the concert shows the venue as the fight broke out when someone jumped on stage and began to dance while Harrisburg rapper Mook Skywalka was performing at the event hosted by Miss Nika Jones.

Within moments of the man jumping on stage to dance, a fight ensued between Mook and the man who appeared to be a fan dancing on stage. A punch was thrown by Mook, and both men plunged from the stage to the floor below. Tables and chairs scattered as panic struck the audience and people hastily began to exit the venue.

Video Credit: Channel 5 Rachet News

According to a neighbor, the sound of gunfire erupted in the parking lot and streets surrounding HMAC on 3rd St. in Harrisburg as the venue cleared following the fight on stage. “They must’ve started shooting in the parking lot when they left. It sounded like machine guns going off. My babies were so scared. I live across the street from there,” said Shavonne Gillespie of Harrisburg.

After seeing the video, many people criticized Mook for attacking what they believed to be his fan dancing on stage. However, insiders tell a different story of a rap beef that played out in real time. “Mook is one of the humblest artist in the city this was not random there is definitely more to what yall see, however this is not ok… Nika puts alot into her shows and violence is never the 1st option,” said Craig Hedrington of Harrisburg.

The dancing fan at HMAC was reminiscent of Lil Mama crashing the performance of Jay Z at the 2009 MTV VMA’s.

Update: Miss Nika sets the record straight regarding HMAC event – “Not a rap concert; No gunshots”The sound of gunfire in the neighborhood may be related to a nearby fatal shooting that occurred as the event was ending, and other reported shootings that occurred that evening just blocks from the HMAC.

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