By: Sean Guay

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – In response to an article published by Harrisburg100 titled “Rap concert in Harrisburg ends with fight on stage, gunshots in parking lot,” the event promoter, Miss Nika Jones, reached out to set the record straight regarding the performing arts event held at HMAC on Sunday evening.

According to Nika, “It’s not a rap concert. It is an artist showcase, and there were comedians performing as well as dancers and a youth group.”

Nika said it was unfortunate that the performance ended with a fight, but thankfully nobody was hurt, and she was adamant to highlight the past 5 years of successful performances she has hosted at venues in Harrisburg including The Firehouse and PM Bristo. Mook Skywalka has performed in her shows 5 times in the past without incident, and he is considered to be one of the best rappers in Harrisburg.

Initially many people not familiar with the situation were blaming the performer for punching a fan who was dancing to his music, but that was not the case. The man was intentionally targeting Mook. Previous reports of gunfire in the parking lot are unconfirmed. The sound of gunfire in the neighborhood may be related to a nearby fatal shooting that occurred as the event was ending, and other reported shootings that occurred that evening just blocks from the HMAC. “There were no gunshots or shells in the parking lot, and it was not a fan dancing to his music,” Nika clarified.

The article makes it seem like it’s a rap show and I’ve worked very hard to make sure it is not perceived as a rap show. I’ve provided this platform for over 5 years at HMAC, the firehouse, and the PM Bistro to comedians, dancers, the youth, spoken word artists, rappers, etc. we’ve also been without incident this entire time and not once has this news platform reached out to help cover the event. I was there myself. There were no gunshots. Now someone was shot a few blocks away near emerald st around the same time but it had nothing to do with the event. But to attach gunshots and mayhem to this very positive event without ever giving this event it’s flowers is unacceptable and I will not allow it.

Miss Nika

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  2. Well said Nika, all the events you have done, nothing but positive energy. This article is a disgrace and it’s crazy but where are all the positive videos, all they want to do is bring negativity to the news. Thank you for being an outlet for people!!🙏🙏



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