Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Lt. Governor John Fetterman of Pennsylvania may be the only politician who tweets more than President Donald J. Trump.

John Fetterman, at 51 years-old, is well known for flaunting his marijuana flag at the state capitol, and often poses in colorful photographs with his much younger wife Gisele. However, Governor Fetterman’s Twitter feed has become increasingly offensive in the months following the 2020 presidential election.

Fetterman has become obsessed with attacking religious Americans who support auditing the process and results of the 2020 election. His Twitter feed is filled with hateful content, including the vile ‘snake handling’ anti-Christian trope.

In similar fashion, Fetterman’s followers often attack republican women and children in the comments of his Twitter feed. Most recently, Fetterman’s supporters relished in the reported deaths of two popular republicans in Pennsylvania.

Update: John was allegedly out of town in Blair County when the image of his wife and children was photographed with an unknown man dressed as satan, according to Governor Fetterman.

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Harrisburg’s News Source

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