Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – After leading a Senate hearing on 2020 election fraud in Pennsylvania, then having his personal account suspended on Twitter, State Senator Doug Mastriano now faces a smear campaign by left-wing news media that has resulted in death threats being issued against the Army Colonel.

According to Scott Pressler, the suspect “Jake G” has been identified and the threats were reported to police. Intel agent Jack Posobiec confirmed that the suspect was being visited by local law enforcement.

Senator Mastriano was a guest this week on Steve Bannon’s war room podcast.

Mastriano said the Pennsylvania legislature must re-assert its constitutional authority on presidential electors.


When questioned by Bannon, Mastriano said that Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro “is a complete political hack.”

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  1. Impeachment needs to happen NOW for both Wolf AND Fetterman. Levine needs to go somewhere and figure out the correct gender



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