Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – A Delaware County poll watcher who spoke out about 2020 election fraud was allegedly visited by special agents of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro at her home, as she described during a media interview this week.

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A Pennsylvania State Representative also alleged that their spokesperson was the target of intimidation tactics by agents who showed up at their home following a Harrisburg press conference regarding 2020 election inconsistencies.

Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano became the target of death threats when his Twitter account was suspended after leading a Senate hearing on 2020 election fraud in Gettysburg on November 25, 2020.

Mainstream news media have largely ignored allegations of witness intimidation and evidence tampering related to 2020 election fraud in Pennsylvania.

Social media have actively been censoring freedom of speech in posts that allege 2020 election interference as “false news,” however Facebook and Twitter allowed the unproven Russian collusion conspiracy theory to circulate unchecked for years.

Correction: The poll watcher’s county has been updated.

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Harrisburg’s News Source


  1. What is the difference between PA 2020 election and 1965 communist Romania!??? None, same techniques, intimidation and fear! What happened to America the land of the free???



  2. So someone stands up.now they are intimated is this the USA?? They do not want the truth to surface..



  3. Where are any Dominion officials? Hiding? If this were a fair election, would they not
    show up and speak up for their product? Eric Coomer, MIA…



  4. I think Shapiro was in on the whole thing… he too was losing until they “stopped the count” in the middle of the night on election night, and he even said something to the effect of “don’t worry, the mail in votes haven’t been counted yet”… they had to stop the count because even with the 1st round of cheating they figured in, they were still way down and had to come up with more fraudulent votes to win. how freaking arrogant these power hungry tyrants have become. We need to keep fighting for the truth!



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