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Concerned citizens refer to the Glo organization in Harrisburg as a child sex grooming operation.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – A “community organization” has emerged in Midtown, Harrisburg, as a recreational safe space for men who have sex with transsexuals of color that focuses on providing youth age 14-29 with a community where they can grow, celebrate and express themselves.

Established in July 2019, the Glo website lists its hours of business from 3pm – 8pm, 4 days per week at 1701 N. 3rd Street, just blocks from the State Capitol building in Pennsylvania.

The program originated at the University of Pittsburgh under the name “Project Silk,” for young (13-24 year old) Black men who have sex with men and transgendered women in the greater Pittsburgh metro area.

Recently in Harrisburg the organization hosted a “lunch brunch” event at a nearby playground in August 2020.

Perhaps coincidentally, Glo now occupies what was formerly the 2016 Hillary Clinton Harrisburg campaign office at 3rd and Hamilton St. in Midtown, Harrisburg.

The Glo website lists Jonathan Branch as the administer.

According to his social media bio, Jonathan Branch is a “peer engagement specialist for the Glo, an Inclusive LGBT Center for trans woman of color and men who have sex with men of color from ages 14-29.”

Branch has solicited for social media users to “bring a friend” to Glo and they will receive a $50 Visa card.

Of Branch, sources said that he also has a history of fraud and theft, including an attempt to steal donations from a charity event for Harrisburg Firefighters in 2016.

Concerned citizens refer to Branch’s Glo organization in Harrisburg as a child sex grooming operation.

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  1. Are the underage HIV victims being contact traced at GLO ?



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