Lancaster, Pennsylvania – A riot broke out at dusk in Lancaster as protesters gathered following initial reports of a police involved shooting in the city. A false rumor was spread that cops killed an unarmed kid in the city.

The chaos began as a mob destroyed a Pennsylvania State Police SUV. One man can be seen jumping on top of the cruiser and smashing the windshield.

The group then chased a WGAL8 reporter from the scene.


From another angle, a concerned citizen can be seen chasing the man who jumped on the police cruiser.


WGAL8 interviewed the man who jumped on the police cruiser.


Later the mob gathered downtown where fights broke out. White people were targeted with violence, and white protesters were forced to kneel between police and “people of color.”


Update 2:33 a.m.

Several windows of the police station and post office are damaged. A dumpster was also on fire.

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  1. Wolf better do his damn job.
    If he don’t control the rioters then he needs to be held personally responsible & dragged out of office



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