Harrisburg, Pa – During a virtual press conference Sunday, Mayor Eric Papenfuse spoke about the riot that followed a George Floyd protest in the city. He said that a large mob of protesters targeted five police officers on Front Street that were outside of a police vehicle, not in riot gear, and another who was inside the vehicle.

Mayor Papenfuse said a white woman then used a pole to smash the police vehicle’s window, and punched an officer in the face.

Police have not yet identified the woman and said she could not be taken into custody at the moment due to the crowd descending on the vehicle. Papenfuse also called this group “rioters,” saying their actions included throwing bricks and causing property damage.

When the officers called for help, Papenfuse said Capitol police officers arrived and used pepper spray to get the crowd to disperse and get the Harrisburg officers out of the crowd. Two Capitol police officers were injured during those efforts.

Escorted to the George Floyd protest by PennLive senior editor Joyce Davis, Dauphin County democrat committeeperson Cole Goodman posted to his popular social media account celebrating the momentous occasion, before being injured by pepper spray at the protest in Harrisburg.

Following the riot, Goodman portrayed himself as a victim for being pepper sprayed in the chaos, and has since made no statement about the assault that he witnessed, nor has he shown any remorse toward the police officers who were put in the hospital by rioters.

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  1. There is no reason for this BS just a bunch of Gorilla thugs..low class



  2. Time for Citizens to do something about them. This shit don’t happen in Jacksonville Florida. Zero tolerance JSO is on there ads every moment



  3. Charles Masterson August 28, 2020 at 10:21 am

    In Portland, Oregon the mayor encourages this behavoir.



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