Harrisburg, Pa – What began as a peaceful protest at the Capitol steps in Harrisburg on Saturday took a violent turn when mobs of antifa rioters began assaulting police and destroying their vehicles on Front Street along the Susquehanna River, as similar riots break out across the nation.

Attending with his mother, Dauphin County democrat committeeperson Cole Goodman posted to his popular social media account celebrating the momentous occasion with Joyce Davis.

Davis is the senior editor at Pennlive, as well as the former city spokesperson for Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse, among other noteworthy characteristics.

Serving as his own spokesperson, during a press conference the day after the riot, Mayor Papenfuse described the timeline of events as the situation unfolded on Front Street when a coordinated group of violent rioters mobbed police cars and assaulted police officers.

The timeline began on Saturday, after speakers concluded at the peacefully organized protest on the Capitol steps, a spontaneous march toward the police station ensued.

Soon thereafter a malay broke out near Front and Forster Strests, and Goodman was hit in the face with pepper spray released by the crowd agitators.

Chaos then ensued after antifa thugs gassed the crowd near Goodman, and assaulted police officers on near the entrance to the Harvey Taylor Bridge in Harrisburg, PA.

An injured Goodman was spotted by WPTM reporters who were live streaming the event as he was being carried out by two protesters, with his face covered in pepper spray.

Another video show antifa thugs spraying gas into the crowd of protesters and police near the entrance to the Harvey Taylor Bridge. People begin to throw bricks and bottles at police in the confusion.

WPMT reporters are accosted on the street when mistaken for Fox News – Via Chelsea Koerbler.

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  3. Wasn’t Cole a Councilman who stepped down because he smoked weed ?



    1. Cole was busted with weed, but that was a distraction story from the actual school board scandal involving him and an underage student at Susquehanna Township School District



  4. Funny how Joyce had Cole on her talk show on Pennleft ……Cole was introduced as a BLM member .



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