Harrisburg, Pa – Following a peaceful protest at the steps of the Capitol in support of George Floyd, chaos broke out when antifa instigators sprayed a crowd, and police with gas at the intersection of Front Street and Forester Street.

The instigators are seen on video releasing gas into the crowd, and at police. Moments later people began throwing bricks, bottles, and rocks at the police.

According to Harrisburg Mayor Papenfuse, two Capitol Police officers are hospitalized after being hit in the head with bricks. Reportedly, one officer was hit in the in the back of the head with a brick.

UPDATE 6:22 p.m.: Sean Kitchen, who attended the rally, said, “It didn’t seem like there was any back and forth – it just seemed like after five or ten seconds, pepper spray went off and people started running,” Kitchen said. “After that, kids reacted by throwing bricks, water bottles and rocks at the cop cars.”

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Harrisburg’s News Source

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