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Harrisburg, Pa –  According to Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano, a democrat staffer in the PA Senate tested positive for COVID-19 in January, and it was never revealed who was infected with the virus, nor who else was exposed to the infected staffer, despite the concerns of the Senator. 

Senator Mastriano said he issued a proposal at that time in late January, requesting an exception to the HIPAA privacy laws that democrats cited as their reason for not releasing further information about the staffer who tested positive, or who they may have come in contact with. 

Mastriano expressed concerns for his staff, and his desire to take necessary precautions in case of any potential exposure that could have occurred throughout the Capitol building, including in meetings, while eating, and working out in the gym. 

The senator’s proposal garnered swift backlash from Pennsylvania democrats, led by State Rep. Brian Sims. Senator Mastriano said he was then verbally attacked by House democrats, including one threat that republicans were forced to report to Capitol Police due to the severity of the claims. 

Pennsylvania democrats were quick to expose the identity, and call for an investigation of Republican State Representative Andrew Lewis, who also recently tested positive for COVID-19. However, in January, the same democrats refused to release information about their infected staffer, and misled state media outlets that are reporting on March 16, 2020, the first known COVID-19 exposure at the Capitol was a Senate Democratic staffer based in Harrisburg. 

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In response to Wednesday’s viral video of Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims, Senator Mastriano called his Wednesday outburst a “tantrum,” and “faux outrage.” Mastriano also blasted Sims for expressing pseudo concern for families and children, referencing his now infamous video verbally attacking and threatening teenagers who were praying at Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia. 

In a another video, posted by Sims in response to the backlash from his now infamous planned parenthood harassment case, he refers to his support of planned parenthood, which he claims is a life sustaining facility for his personal needs to prevent the spread of HIV.

Mastriano later cited one of his supporters who said that Sims deserves an academy award for his emotional outburst during his Hollywood style performance in the live video. 

Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims appeared in a live video posted to social media Wednesday evening, slamming Pa House Republicans, and citing family values for his outrage.


An emotional Sims proclaims “shame on you,” calling for the resignation of House Speaker Mike Turzai.

Sims’ outburst comes in response to the news that a Republican state lawmaker from Central Pennsylvania confirmed that he tested positive for the coronavirus this month, leading at least one of his House colleagues to self-quarantine.

The admission immediately ignited outrage among Democrats in the chamber who said they were recklessly left in the dark for nearly a week about the lawmaker’s condition.

At one point during the live broadcast, which has amassed millions on views on Facebook, Sims called Dr. Levine “one of the most qualified people in this country to deal with COVID-19”

Pennsylvania democrats continue to ignore the scandal surrounding Dr. Levine quietly removing her own mother from a facility before unleashing COVID-19 into Pennsylvania nursing homes.

Per Levine’s directive, contagious COVID-19 positive patients were released from hospitals back into the nursing homes, creating a death trap scenario for Pennsylvania’s senior citizens.

Dr. Levine’s actions have been likened to an insider trading scandal by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

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