Harrisburg, Pa – Pennsylvania Auditor General, and democrat candidate for Congress, Eugene Depasquale appeared live on The Voice 17104, Monday, May 25, 2020, to discuss his campaign against primary challenger Tom Brier, and potential general election matchup against Congressman Scott Perry in Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district.

Talk show host Ron Chapel dug in deep, asking tough questions of DePasquale on topics such as gerrymandering, campaign finance violations, and his stance on financial reparations for the African American community.

DePasquale’s primary challenger, Tom Brier, also recently appeared on The Voice 17104, with ABC27 news anchor Mark Hall. During the interview Brier alleged that according to a former FEC chair, Eugene DePasquale has committed a $100,000 campaign finance violation, being one of the most egregious cases seen by the former Federal Election Commissioner in 20 years.

Brier said DePasquale was raised in a politically corrupt environment, and Brier admits that he himself had a moral dilemma of whether to bring the campaign finance allegations against a fellow democrat.

On the topic of gun rights in Pennsylvania, during the interview, DePasquale said, “I fought against stand-your-ground” laws in the state, and he specified that Pennsylvania has a castle doctrine, but no stand-your-ground law. DePasquale said that if the case of Trayvon Martin had occurred in Pennsylvania, Martin’s killer would have been prosecuted as a murderer.

Last week on The Voice 17104, Pennsylvania Board of Pardons Secretary, Brandon Flood, expressed his advocacy for black gun ownership, said he does not support am assault weapons ban. Flood explained his position on gun regulations of assault rifles during an interview with host Ana White. He said that he prefers to use the word “regulate,” rather than monitor, or gun control.

Flood explained that he supports a “more rigorous process” to regulate any weapon that has the capability to hold a magazine of ten or more rounds. He adamantly clarified that his opinions reflects his personal perspective, not his official role as the Pa Secretary of Pardons.

When Brandon Flood was appointed to the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons by Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in 2019, criminal justice reform was their top priority.

Flood is no stranger to reform. Prior to rebuilding his life, Brandon Flood had a rough history during his early years as a young man when he spent nearly 10 years as a prisoner in the state correctional system.

In the following clip Brandon Flood explains and the process by which he was pardoned for his illegal firearm felony conviction. Flood also describes the original details of his arrest for trafficking cocaine, and possession of an illegal firearm.

Earlier this year, Flood drew harsh criticism from community leaders in Harrisburg while discussing solutions for a rash of murder and gun violence in the city. At the time, Flood guest hosted a program on The Voice 17104 in February, then calling for a variation of the controversial stop-and-frisk policy to curb gun violence in Harrisburg.

Full Video – DePasquale Interview on The Voice 17104, May 25, 2020

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  1. He was prosecuted as a murderer, and he still won because he was innocent of murder and he killed in self defense.



  2. […] is also under investigation for an alleged $100,000 campaign finance violation. A former FEC Chair called DePasquale’s corruption “one of the most egregious cases in the past […]



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