Update: When asked for comment on Friday, Commissioner Pries said, “I’m still hearing from establishments throughout the county who are worried about a prolonged delay in getting to full operations as it impacts their bottom line and ability to stay open. This isn’t just a Hershey area issue.”

Hershey, Pa – Dauphin County Commissioner Mike Pries announced the first wave of potential closings as three independently owned restaurants in the Hershey area say they “will not be able to survive much longer, short of immediately moving into the “Green” phase, and even then at 25-30% occupancy it will be a challenge.”

Many restaurants that had intended to close temporarily will not reopen, though their owners are declining to state this formally.

As a similar situation is unfolding in Philadelphia, restaurant industry watchers have predicted rampant closings caused by the coronavirus lockdown of bars and dining rooms.

Other restaurateurs that have in recent weeks pivoted to takeout and delivery are taking a new, harder look at an uncertain future that will include fewer seats, more restrictions, and even tighter margins. In many cases, restaurateurs are assessing whether the loans they accepted through the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program are a blessing or a curse.

Meanwhile, no date for ending the lockdown of dining rooms and bars has been set, confounding some owners.

Update: It was announced Friday that Dauphin, and some other Pennsylvania counties in will move into yellow phase.

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  1. Well I use to live in Pa. and I’m glad I live in Fl. We have a sensible governor and our state is open and doing good. Take away the governors pay and see how long he would last!! This is suppose to be a free country with a constitution for the people !! So, politicians, why are you taking our freedoms away?? We as citizens do have brains to follow rules and I’m not disregarding the health and welfare of others. But there are limits to limiting us!!!
    Upset citizen



  2. I know that the photo of the Chocolate Ave Grill was taken from their Facebook account, without permission, and that the restaurant is not one of the restaurants referred to in this item. The author of this needs to remove the picture because it’s already creating a false narrative about the The Grill and creating speculation about it closing. It’s being circulated on various social media platforms and people are commenting that they now think it’s not reopening, which is false. This is not objective or professional journalism in any regard. Even though The Grill was not named in the article, people assume that because the piece is led with with the pic, that it is. This is blatant clickbait.



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