Harrisburg, Pa – Dauphin County Commissioner Mike Pries spoke with Elections Director Jerry Feaser today about the upcoming presidential primary election.

Commissioner Pries queried Feaser regarding vote-by-mail requests, and expected voter turnout. They also discussed how many polls are set to go, and if the new machines are prepped.

Feaser is “anticipating tens of thousands of Dauphin County residents coming out to vote “in-person” on Tuesday June 2nd.”

Following the conversation, Pries tweeted an update of the situation, and questioned Governor Wolf about the county potentially still being in phase red during the June 2 election. The commissioner also conveyed Fraser’s report that Dauphin County has received over 32,000 mail in requests as of today.

On Friday when Dr. Levine said the county wasn’t close to moving to yellow, Dauphin County Commissioners spoke out, calling the decision to keep Dauphin in phase red beyond the June 2 election ‘political payback.’

Of the extraordinary circumstances surrounding this years primary election, Commissioner Pries said that the “elections directors across PA are earning their paychecks!”

Commissioner Pries also made a point to “give credit to the Department of State. They’ve done a great job communicating throughout the massive changes involving Act 77 and new voting machines.”

Commissioner Pries tweeted earlier on Monday about the injustice forced upon local businesses by Governor’s Wolf excessive pandemic response.

Pries highlighted the fact that a local TV and appliance retailer has been closed by the state for 2 months, but meanwhile large corporate big box outlet stores remain open to thousands of shoppers.

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