Harrisburg, Pa – Social activism is a significant aspect of life the capital city of Pennsylvania. In recent years the transgender agenda of the LGBTQ activism has gained influence, not only in Harrisburg, but throughout the state. 

The commonwealth has recently been introduced to Dr. Rachel Levine, Pa’s Secretary of Health who is an openly transgendered public official. For the general public in Pa, experiencing the daily televised COVID-19 press briefings that feature Dr. Levine has begun to normalize the idea of a man transforming himself into a mature women. 

This has been a controversial topic, and some folks remain cautious to put their trust in the words of the doctor, who appears to be living a double personality. For other citizens, it has effectively prepared them for the exploration and acceptance of gender fluidity. 

The idea of drag queen story time for children has also been a hot topic nationally. In Houston, Texas, a registered child sex offender read to kids in drag queen story time at the Public Library.

Part of the transgender agenda involves pushing sex changes on children as young as 5 years old. Citizens have spoken out against this practice as a form of child abuse. In February a pair of Tennessee state Republicans filed legislation to ban sex change therapy for children, to require three doctors’ approval for teens to receive any such treatment and to put criminal penalties in place.

After the mayor of Harrisburg’s bookstore, The Midtown Scholar, showcased a drag queen story time at his establishment, citizens in Pennsylvania have pushed back against the invasive transgender agenda that has seeped into communities via leftist politicians. The mayor’s drag queen story time for children event was advertised in Pennlive, a major newspaper publication.

The free event, hosted by Miss Anita featured arts and crafts with themes of love and diversity, followed by story time with local performers reading and acting out various stories, including ‘Estevan Valentine’ and ‘Betty Whitecastle.’


Miss Anita has been preforming for 17 years and is a huge advocate for encouraging children to read and create. Valentine is the current reigning Mr. Central Pennsylvania Pride. He is a theater major and loves to share his love of the power of stories. Whitecastle, a performer with an incredible singing voice, has been performing and running her own cabaret-style shows for several years.

This was not the first event to feature a transgender main act. The mayor previously showcased Sarah McBride for a “conversation,” and book signing in 2018.
As Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton, Sarah McBride became the first transgender person to speak at a national political convention in 2016 at the age of twenty-six.
The foreword in McBride’s book, titled “Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality,” was written by former Vice President, now Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Many constituents of the mayor also took note of the insider arrangements made for Hillary Clinton in Harrisburg when she appeared publicly in the street in front of the mayor’s bookstore to rally for her 2016 campaign.

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