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Photo: Biden’s posing with former Kazakhstan head of intelligence, now arrested for treason

Kazakhstan’s former intelligence chief has been arrested on suspicion of treason following nationwide anti-government protests.

Biden billboards appear above U.S. interstates – York, Pennsylvania

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Wolf, Shapiro, Dr. Levine criticized by PA attorney who pleads to not be arrested at rally to stop critical race theory

He drew back his public criticism of top Pennsylvania officials as a loud group of protesters approached the crowd. “Please don’t arrest or cancel me,” Pa attorney Marc Scaringi said.

Sean Parnell targets Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and democrat socialist squad in new campaign ad

In a newly released campaign advertisement, Congressional candidate Sean Parnell (PA-17) targets Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Connor Lamb, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other democrat socialists.

Is drag queen story time at Harrisburg mayor’s bookstore appropriate for children?

Miss Anita has been preforming for 17 years and is a huge advocate for encouraging children to read and create.