Scott Perry Should Apologize To President Trump Before December Rally

By: Bobby Jeffries

Several weeks ago, Congressman Scott Perry betrayed President Trump’s promise to end the endless foreign wars that have cost us American blood and resources in the Middle East over the past two decades. These military actions, where America benefits nothing and sacrifices everything, seem to be a favorite of Congressman Perry who has deep ties to the military industrial complex and deep state that is currently in the process of attempting to dismantle the Trump presidency through a congressional coup.

Instead of following President Trump’s instincts that have rebuilt our economy and brought us unprecedented criminal justice reform, Congressman Perry sided with coup leader Adam Schiff in voting to condemn President Trump’s courageous decision to withdrawal our troops from Syria and focus our resources on America First policies that will strengthen our middle class. Betraying President Trump’s foreign policy efforts isn’t the first betrayal by Mr. Perry and it certainly will not be his last.

Mr. Perry has refused to advocate for a full presidential pardon of President Trump’s friend Roger Stone, who has been Trump’s friend and adviser of nearly forty years. Perry has remained silent as a D.C. activist judge appointed by Barack Obama railroaded Stone and forced upon him an all Democrat jury of rabid swamp creatures. He said nothing when the FBI leaked their plans to arrest Roger Stone to CNN, in order for CNN to stage a Nazi’esque propaganda production on behalf of Special Counsel Robert Mueller earlier this year.

As Roger Stone was handed a 7-count guilty verdict earlier this month by that tainted D.C. jury, Congressman Perry remained mum as President Trump pointed out the blatant hypocrisy in not only the charges against Stone, but also the fact that so many members of Perry’s deep state evaded prosecution on similar charges. If Scott Perry cannot stand with Roger Stone… does he really stand with President Trump? We have true America First warriors in congress like Matt Gaetz who are standing tall. Where is Scott Perry?

On this issue of censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters on digital platforms, Mr. Perry has again failed in protecting the America First movement with meaningful legislation. There are no fiery speeches on the floor of congress standing up for the millions who have been digitally disappeared or erased by Facebook and Twitter for having the audacity to stand up for President Trump’s America First agenda.

Why is this? Could it be because Mr. Perry’s top contributors are corporations like Amazon that prop up fake news smear machines that tear down President Trump every second of every hour of every day? Could it be because Mr. Perry also counts Koch Industries as a top contributor? They are run by the rabid #NeverTrump Koch family, who prefer globalism to the American nationalism that President Trump has fought so hard to strengthen in the face of tremendous odds?

These special interest donors allow Mr. Perry to what he is told when he is told. Unfortunately, it seems he is all too often told to stand idly by as shadowy forces undermine President Trump at every turn.

We need someone in D.C. representing Central Pennsylvania who isn’t afraid to speak out against and shout down these special interests. We need someone who understands that when President Trump succeeds, we all succeed. I cannot promise the constituents of the 10th congressional district that I will be perfect, no man or woman is. However, I can promise that I will refuse to be the backbenching do-nothing swamp creature that Congressman Scott Perry is.

His time in public office started out with bold claims and strong promises. When he was first elected to the State House, he promised to abide by term-limits and railed against career politicians. Ultimately, he broke that promise. He has made the same promises to voters during his fruitless failure of a career in congress and has yet again refused to abide by term-limits.

President Trump was elected to drain the swamp and he has done a damn good job doing so. Let’s pass sweeping legislation protecting our free speech rights, honoring our veterans and seniors with proper and meaningful healthcare options. Let’s further strengthen our middle class by innovating the oil and natural gas industries for the 2020’s, getting us off our dependence on foreign oil that funds Islamic terrorist elements that want us dead.

Together, with President Trump and America, I will work with you to do everything that Congressman Perry has failed to do over the past eight years. We can and we will #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

P.S.- Congressman Scott Perry should apologize to President Donald J. Trump for his many betrayals and failures. Otherwise he will be known as the Benedict Arnold of the MAGA movement.


Bobby Jeffries is a graduate of Millersville University and works as a Director of Logistics, Warehousing, and Shipping for a health and wellness firm. He is a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District and is currently challenging incumbent Congressman Scott Perry in the 2020 GOP primary. You can learn more about his campaign at

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