By Bobby Jeffries

The American People elected Donald J. Trump for many reasons. One, in particular, was his pledge to withdraw our troops from endless foreign wars where our inherent interests are just not clear.

Last week, my opponent, Congressman Scott Perry, betrayed the president and committed himself to perpetual war, and the promise of more American money and blood wasted some 7000 miles from home.

Instead of defending the president on delivering yet another campaign pledge, Perry chose to break with Freedom Caucus and stab President Trump, along with all of his supporters, in the back by voting with a coalition of left-wing Democrats and the 129 liberal Republicans to condemn POTUS’ decisive action in Syria.

Congressman Perry should be concentrating on solving the problems we have here in Pennsylvania, not on wasting billions of dollars and precious Americans lives in century-old foreign conflicts where we have no business. Being a responsive and effective leader for the people of Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district is the driving purpose behind my campaign.

For far too long, we have suffered from the ineffectual complacency of our current congressman, who would rather hobnob with lobbyists than stand up for President Trump. Mr. Perry is a good man. However, he has been MIA.

When I am elected to Congress, the voters will see and hear me fighting for them and President Trump’s pro-jobs agenda, which has given us historically low unemployment and an economic boom that politicians and the mainstream media told us wasn’t possible. You will not see me taking the same backbench approach that the current congressman has taken.

Clearly, he also lacks the courage to fully support our president.

In fact, for the first two years of his presidency, Trump just couldn’t count on Perry. He voted against the president again and again. It is only now that the Trump agenda has turned around the economy that Perry has finally decided to jump on board. The sad truth is he just can’t be trusted.

Our nation has the opportunity to propel ourselves into the next decade with a new style of politics and leadership in elected office. The choice is clear; we can either build on the many successes of President Trump by matching his energy and tenacity… or remain reliant on the leaders and failed ideas of the past.

Rep. Scott Perry holds a town hall meeting at the Hummelstown Fire Hall. July 30, 2019 Sean Simmers |

Frankly, I think Mr. Perry is ashamed to stand up for President Trump. Surely, his colleagues in the House Freedom Caucus have been loud and proud in their support of the president and our America First agenda. Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida is the first that comes to mind as Trump’s greatest ally in the Congress. We need more like Gaetz in the halls of Congress.

Perry lacks the courage to be a faithful ally to President Trump, to do so would offend his special interest and lobbyist pals. It seems like the cocktail parties and receptions inside the beltway are more relevant to his goals. He and many others in Congress have thrived in the system of anything goes, nothing gets done, and everyone gets re-elected regardless. Thanks to DJT those days are over. We are draining the swamp of pretenders and career politicians for good.

Our recent success in eliminating the leader of ISIS, under the direction of President Donald J. Trump, would not have been possible if Scott Perry and his Democrat allies were able to stop President Trump from withdrawing from Syria and smoking out Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Our Commander-in-Chief knew what he was doing.  However, Congressman Perry’s thirst for endless foreign wars and his allegiance to the military industrial complex compromised his judgment and decision making.

Ultimately, I know that I will be one of the most ardent supporters of President Trump when elected. Unlike Congressman Perry, I have the energy and courage to fight for President Trump’s agenda.

Bobby Jeffries – Republican Candidate for US Congress in Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District

Central Pennsylvanians must realize that we do not have to continue standing still, or remain on the backbench. The time has come to abandon the politics of the past, and their leaders like Scott Perry. We owe our seniors and veterans so much more. We owe the middle class so much more.

President Trump’s primary goal as an elected official is to strengthen this nation and our people. His goals are my goals. Trump’s successes are our successes. I aim to help him win-and-win-and-win. Only by continuing this forward movement can we realize our true potential as a nation and as individuals.

To me, its simple, America First and Pennsylvania First. Congressman Perry has made it clear that he is not fully committed to these principles and that is why voters deserve something different.

He violated his term-limits pledge, and he betrayed President Trump.

Pennsylvanians deserve better.


Bobby Jeffries is a graduate of Millersville University and works as a Director of Logistics, Warehousing, and Shipping for a health and wellness firm. He is a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district and is currently challenging incumbent Congressman Scott Perry in the  2020 GOP primary. You can learn more about his campaign at




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