Harrisburg, PA – Ahead of the midterm elections, Democrats have partnered with paid protesters through organized labor unions, using a variety of underhanded tactics to push their socialist agenda on all Americans. The primary message of the door to door campaign in Harrisburg gives local residents the impression to vote Democratic, or else.

The recent activism in Harrisburg is being funded by “For Our Future,” which is an umbrella organization consisting of various labor unions, and international groups that advocate for open borders, as well as D.C. think tanks that politicize climate change and abortion.

Collectively leveraging their international resources, the coalition intends to gain power in U.S communities by influencing local elections.

Harrisburg School Board Director Carrie Fowler has recently been seen and recorded offering workers $1,312 per week to push the Washington D.C. Lobbyist/ Union organized message into the streets of Harrisburg city through the organization “For Our Future.”

One of those recordings includes her telling potential workers to not engage with Republicans or Christians when hitting their 75 doors per day quota.

Carrie Fowler – Harrisburg School Board Director

A coalition of special interest groups, labor unions, and allied socialist organizations together established “For Our Future” by collectively leveraging their national resources to gain power and influence in local U.S. communities.

Carrie Fowler Protesting

The “For Our Future” PAC is directly partnered with groups like:

  • MoveOn.org, which was funded by billionaire George Soros through his open society organization.
  • Americasvoice.org, which is an open border promoter.
  • Ohio, Florida and other non-Harrisburg City based organizations.

These alliances are formed solely for the purpose of spreading socialist ideology that will give ultimate control to a ruling class of union bosses and bureaucratic officials.

  • Why is a local school board member aggressively pushing outside political influence into our streets?
  • Is there a potential conflict of interest with a Harrisburg School Board member being financially tied to Big Union organizing?
  • When will the unions take some responsibility in addressing the severe issues plaguing our urban public schools?

“For Our Future” Sponsors:

These national sponsors have no interest in local Harrisburg citizens other than leveraging them for votes.

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