Update: HMAC files bankruptcy after rape scandal

Update: Serial Rapist Arrested

Harrisburg, PA – When PennLive covered a recent story that initially appeared on social media Facebook posts, key pieces of information were not mentioned regarding the pattern of victims being drugged in Harrisburg night clubs. There was also no mention of the victim’s claim about a pre-arranged acquaintance between the nightclub security and her attacker.

Harrisburg Police said the department “has not had many” similar complaints from the establishment, but could not immediately provide details.

Locals tell a different story involving a history of people being drugged, specifically at the club the victim had patronized that evening. The most recent victim claimed she had been drugged while having drinks at HMAC on the night of July 12. She was then kicked out by the security who appeared to be acquainted with the person who followed her from the bar and later sexually assaulted her.

The recent victim made several public and private posts in local groups and directly to the HMAC’s Facebook page, most of which has since been deleted. This particular repost of her story made its rounds on social media this week. In the chat on local private groups many other victims shared similar stories of this and other night clubs in the City of Harrisburg.

Dozens of victims have alleged similar stories of being drugged, or “roofied,” when patronizing HMAC. Others have suggested it to be a common problem at clubs throughout the city, and it had also been mentioned that this could be a nationwide epidemic at large venues.

Shawn Cooper of Harrisburg has been leading the charge to organize the newly identified victims who have come out with various stories of being drugged at this club. It has since been reported by Cooper that more victims have come forward.

“I woke up naked in my bathtub,” a fourth victim tells “I only had two beers.”

“I blacked out during my first beer,” a fifth victim told Friday. “I woke up in a random apartment without my clothes on.” She also noted she had over 40 missed texts from friends, all of which were concerned because they couldn’t find her.

  • Over ten victims spoke to following the viral Facebook post of the most recent rape victim

Out of the initial 10 women who spoke to, one says the owner of the venue even offered drugs to men in exchange for sexual favors that took place in the closets or bathrooms of the venue.

HMAC owner John Traynor has made several post via facebook declaring his club’s innocence in the matter, some of which have since been deleted. Many people expressed outrage at the perceived notion that Traynor’s reaction has been only covering for the club’s reputation and showing little compassion for the victim. Others have outright accused Traynor of attempting sexual abuse on previous occasions.

After the report was released by, Traynor made reverse allegations to further discredit the victims.

Traynor was recently awarded a very large state grant ($1 million) to continue work on the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center project. The grant has been a point of contention among interested parties as some argue that the money could have gone to other causes.

Could this type of envy also explain the recent backlash against him and his establishment, or is it a genuine cry from victims who have since banded together and intend to file a class action lawsuit?

Screenshots of the most recent exchanges, some of which have since been deleted:




Cooper trolls Traynor on Facebook: releases more information:

ABC27 covers the HMAC backlash also without mentioning dozens of roofie victims:

After adamantly denying the roofie situation in their establishment, HMAC has now released a new club policy:

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  1. This “After adamantly denying the roofie situation in their establishment, HMAC has now released a new club policy:”

    Then this “Effective immediately, H·MAC is implementing similar policies to those of Seattle bar- Over at Chop Suey.”

    I’m going to try to explain something to you, I’m not sure you’re going to get it.

    The policies that Hmac is implementing are safer policies. They’re safer policies no matter what the current situation is. There could be no use of date rape drugs at Hmac. But that wouldn’t mean that the new policies at Hmac aren’t safer.

    Hmac is responding to requests for safer policies, and they quickly responded to consumer demand, despite the fact that there is no actual problem there, as measured by actual police records. They’re not changing policies based on any real need to do so, but, when the overall problem of date rape drugs in the US was studied, it was determined, presumably, that new safer policies would be intrinsically better, whether there was an existing problem or not.

    I’d say that Hmac should be commended for responding to a perceived problem so quickly, they heard about this, what, about 2 or 3 days ago, and they were able to quickly study the date rape drug situation, figure out what venues are doing nationwide to combat date rape drugs, and announce policy changes. Innovative and fast. In response to a problem that the police don’t see. Hmac cares about safety.



  2. […] Dozens of accusations have recently been made by patrons of the club over the last 9 years, although the checks of Harrisburg police records dating back years turned up no criminal charges related to women being drugged or sexually assaulted at HMAC. One previous alleged rape victim claims that she reported to Harrisburg police, but her rape kit was never processed, and the police did not follow up with her. […]



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