As a result of our self-defeating national mainstream media coverage, America gets no respect from the International community.

Rioting was worse than expected

As Trump meets with World leaders at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, 100,000s of protesters take on 20,000 police. Many factors influence the protesters, at a time when Trump is considering severe options for North Korean, and many nations will soon be leveraged to re-align with the United States for the sake of their own National Security.

Police use water cannons at G-20 for crowd control

Police officers injured in G-20 protests in Germany

Police use water cannon on protesters

Major Protest in Hamburg, and many other cities erupting with chaos.

Major Protest and Riot Police in Germany

Clay Figures crawl through Hamburg @ G-20


Meanwhile in Philadelphia, Trump supporters are being targeting and assaulted by Antifa terrorist.



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