CopyCat Severed Head “Art” Display

Harrisburg, PA – In a copycat version of Kathy Griffin’s violent severed head image, these artists from Midtown show no shame in an equally disturbing new art exhibit. The images have been called ISIS inspired for the depiction of a beheaded President Trump. Sources report that members of the group may have links to the violent RAM organization in Philadelphia.

According to their website, We Arts Collective (WAC):

The behavior of our current administration is unacceptable, and we are left without proper recourse.

  • The exhibit, led by this artist, is in support of Kathy Griffin violently displaying the severed head of our current United States President Donald J. Trump.

These attacks against the [severed head] image represent more than just attempts at censorship, but rather the ideologies that fuel the support of our current President. We fully believe that art is one of the last forms of expression in which we can feel free and is a tool to be wielded in the struggle against injustice. – WAC

  • This artist holds strong beliefs in the anti-Trump rhetoric.

We are recreating this photo in order to support freedom of expression through art while simultaneously resisting the current administrations outlandish use of power against the interests of American citizens. – WAC


Look at London! That’s what the Democrats and the mainstream media want for us”

At Glastonbury, Depp asks about assassinating the president

Johnny Depp has asked a crowd at the Glastonbury Festival when was the last time an actor assassinated a president. The remarks came during a segment Thursday in which Depp was speaking about President Donald Trump.

“This is the 1960s all over again. The only thing we are missing is an assassination, but even that is gaining favor.”

The extremist rhetoric, and outright propaganda narratives that are being purveyed by our national mainstream media directly contributed to the recent politically targeted shooting of Congressman Scalise at baseball practice in Arlington, VA.

In light of this event in which 5 people, including 2 Capitol Police were shot, bipartisan support of our country and the value of all life should bring us together in unity. It is time for the left to show some dignity as human beings and speak out against the violence and hate.

img_1202But that is not happening, the media continues to attack our President, and by doing so the value and the decency of our country in the eyes of the international community is being reduced. Even here in the U.S., now in repeated cases, extremist members of the left are expressing support of violence against Trump supporters, and republicans.

The folks who live in these echo chamber bubbles of society have developed extreme ideologies to support their dwindling political relevance. This cult-like anti-government activism has spread into the Arts community. In a copycat version of Kathy Griffins violent Severed Head image, the group from Harrisburg, PA, shows no shame in its equally disturbing new art exhibit.

Look at London! That’s what they want for us”:
Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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    1. Arrest them for advocating for beheadings against our government. Wake up Americans. This is what they want in our country.



  1. ImaTrumpster2 June 17, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    Yup! The left surely is showing their ISIS loving selves.

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  2. The very same imbeciles that cheered people showing effigies of President Obama hanging from a tree Ku-Klux-Koward style, insulting his wife and daughter with the most vile racist terms and celebrating every time that pedophile Turd Nugent ‘used his “First ‘mendment Rights” to speak of violence against that Black Guy they couldn’t stand…..for some reason for 8-years are now throwing a shit-tantrum. Oh, boo-hoo, this worthless, arrogant racist asshole has Secret Service too so quit melting, snowflakes. They can dish it out…..

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  3. Lisa Erickson June 21, 2017 at 7:17 am

    Loser, huh? Well, we kicked YOUR liberal Democrat asses! Gonna crush and remove that failure Obama’s EVERYTHING! Suckers!



  4. Media , and it’s ownership, promote and excuse Radical Leftist crime and violence. ANTIFA are the foot-soldiers of the MSM ‘ collective ‘.
    They want to ERASE our American Culture & History , like ISIS does.
    Accountability starts with the owners of media and , Hollywood propagandists !

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  5. Johnny Depp – your face looks angry! Perhaps you should go home and get your own heart together, then come back and speak. And to the severed-head bunch- didn’t you ever hear “they that take the sword will perish with the sword.” You look like ISIS!! Peaceful movement you have there.

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