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Update: ISIS Affiliates Overtake southern Philippines Island of Mindanao

Update: ISIS claims responsibility for England Attack

By: Sean M. Guay

Day 1 & 2: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Day 3 & 4: Jerusalem & Bethlehem 

Trump visits Brussels, the Capital of the European Union

President Donald J. Trump uses NATO speech to slam allies over dues payments. “Twenty-three of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying,” Trump said

Trump unveiled a 9/11 memorial — a piece of twisted metal from the World Trade Center, which was destroyed in the Sept. 11 attacks — outside NATO’s new building

After Trump’s criticism that the alliance should do more against terrorism, NATO announced that it would formally join the fight against the Islamic State

Article 5 of the Atlantic alliance’s founding treaty states the principle that an attack on any member is an attack on all

Trump meets with the Pope at the Vatican

President Trump meets Italian President Mattarella and PM Paolo Gentiloni at the Presidential Palace

Trump has now made his rounds, meeting with leaders from the big three religious, and cultural centers of the world.

Security is at its highest level at the Vatican, in England, and throughout Europe

Suicide Bomb Terror Attack at Ariana Grande Concert in England

South Philippines overrun by ISIS Affiliated Terrorist – Cops Killed, Hostages at Church

These are the pictures that you will not see from the mainstream American media

Trump unites Israelis and Sunni-Palestinians against their mutual enemy in Shiite-Iran

President Donald J. Trump becomes the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Western Wall

Trump places a prayer note in the wall

President Donald J. Trump stresses that “Iran must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon” while on first foreign trip to Israel.

Trump Secures the Mideast through a $110 Billion Arms Deal

For the First Time in History, Air Force One has Flown from Saudi Arabia to Israel

Gulf Nations Love Trump

$380 Billion in Total Investments


Trump: Pro-Sunni Arab Gulf States

Obama policies favored Pro-Shiite Iran


US Secretary of State says the arms agreements will help Saudi Arabia deal with ‘malign Iranian influence’.

The economic powerhouse has already begun to spawn further deals:

Saudi Arabia, UAE Will Donate $100M to Ivanka Trump-Proposed Women Entrepreneurs Fund:

American Views of our Saudi Arabian Relations:

War Veteran Anthony Harrell: My fellow Americans before we all hold hands and say what a wonderful job our President is doing in Saudi Arabia, DO NOT FORGET WHERE THE 911 TERRORIST CAME FROM, DO NOT FORGET, DO NOT FORGET, DO NOT FORGET!!!!!!!

Vincent Blackwell, Information Security Professional, Disabled Veteran & NRA Safety Instructor: The 911 hijackers were Saudi citizens not AGENTS of the Saudi government. It is not an issue that American arms makers will benefit from this deal. What is wrong with the American defense industry? They are a critical component of President Trump’s plan to MAKE AMERICA GREAT. Many Americans have their retirement funds invested in such companies. Without strong and vibrant American defense companies, how are we going to improve our military preparedness or upgrade our military. It is a lot different when and American President makes deals with Saudi Arabia then when a traitor gives billions of dollars to Iran, a regime that is directly responsible for American soldier’s deaths by IED technology.

Evan McLaren, Former Law Clerk at PA Cumberland County DA’s Office: We contribute to chaos in the Middle East–and to our own enemies–each time we extend one of these deals to the Saudis. We make them because they benefit arms dealers and military contractors. This is not America First.

Trump made the stops in Saudi Arabia, and Israel. He met with Middle-Eastern leaders, seeking peace in the region. 

Iran Not Happy:


Melania Trump praised the “empowerment of women” at a General Electric all-female service center in the Saudi capital: 

Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal Helps Leading Exporter Of Islamic Extremism:

As American patriots, how do we reconcile these facts?

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