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By: Sean M. Guay

Harrisburg, PA – In the days leading up to the primary election for our local city government, the Mayoral candidates debate for a third and final time.

Consistently at the debates, and through their public speaking, the calm patience and logical reasoning of the less experienced candidates has been on display. It is the elder city politicians who have shown the truth about their ill-temperament, and inability to collaborate towards the good of the city. These attitudes of the old guard politicians in Harrisburg have led to gridlock, and the dysfunction of our city government.

For the voters of Harrisburg, it is time to move on from these negative campaigners, and look to the new up-and-coming candidates, who represent the political movement that is underway in our fair city.

Lewis Butts Jr., Anthony Harrell, and Jennie Jenkins represent the voices of Harrisburg citizens that have been silenced for too long.

In the opening minuets of the final Mayoral Debate, our so-called ‘leaders’ fight on stage while squabbling over Facebook postings, they debate who is more old guard, and discuss Papenfuse’s Midtown establishment:


Through the lofty romantic ideas, and extravagantly chivalrous action of Lewis Butts in these debates, and his public interviews, he continues to display his personal honor, generosity, courtesy, as well as his genuine passion for the City of Harrisburg. 

Here, Butts chimes in on the ill-temperament of the experienced candidates, as they squabble over their past differences. He makes a huge point about the need to maintain civility, to enable the new candidates discussion about the future potential of Harrisburg:


Jennie Jenkins explains the problem of Harrisburg’s flawed crime reporting to the FBI. As it turns out, the ‘reduction‘ in city crime coincides with the implementation of the new computer system that has reduced the ability of the officers to properly complete police reports. These incorrectly reported statistics have been used by Mayor Papenfuse to tout his administration’s success in reducing crime within Harrisburg.

This claim of reduced city crime statistics is widely disputed by the actual experiences of Harrisburg residents. The vast inconsistencies that exist between citizen reporting, versus police reporting of crime incidents, have recently come to light:


Papenfuse is “proud to lead the resistance” against the leader of the free world, while pitting Harrisburg at ground zero in his bosses war on Republicans:


Gloria Martin-Roberts explains her lack of knowledge regarding the major city failure of the Harrisburg Incinerator Debacle that took place under her watch, while leading city council.

Papenfuse rebuts her claims of ignorance, and admits that he regrets his controversial Pennlive ban:


New Video Coming Soon: Lewis Butts Calls Out PennLive for their heavily biased journalism, and their remarks about his “Quixotic bid for mayor.”



Update: In a facebook posting today, as for the fate of the failed attempt by our current city administration to produce a completed Comprehensive Plan ($200,000 wasted), Beau Brown updates the city on the efforts of Mayoral Candidate Jennie Jenkins to make right the lack of due diligence by Papenfuse and his out-of-town associates.

Jenkins plans to work with the contracted Engineer to complete the plan, and to keep the city out of court.



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