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By: Harrisburg100


Gary Lenker, Executive Director of Tri-County Housing

  • G. Lenker openly brags about building houses for $160,000 in Allison Hill and knowingly selling them for $90,000.
  • G. Lenker has family connections to the contractor/builder of these homes.
  • G. Lenker has direct connection to the real estate brokerage firm that sells the houses.
  • Tri-County just got $500,000 from impact Harrisburg.
  • G. Lenker openly bragged about this at a L.E.R.T.A. session in 2017.
  • Gloria Martin Roberts approved the $500K as she sits on Impact Harrisburg Board.
  • It was rumored yesterday, at the Mulder Square announcement, that Mayor was also talking about building for more and selling for less.
  • This $500K was signed off by the spouse of our friend pictured above.


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