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3rd & Market @ Strawberry Square

April 12 (Wednesday) 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Strawberry Square, 320 Market St

3rd & MaClay looking North

Q&A session on proposed major improvements to Third Street at the People Place room near the food court of Strawberry Square.

3rd & Verbeke looking North

The public meeting is designed to allow the public to review and provide final input on the Third Street design documents before they go out to bid.

3rd & Forester looking North

The design engineers, as well as city officials and representatives from Capital Region Water will be on hand to answer questions.

3rd & State looking North

April 12 (Wednesday) 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Strawberry Square, 320 Market St

3rd & Market Throwback looking North

Please see the letter below from Mayor Eric Papenfuse on the project:


The City of Harrisburg

Eric Papenfuse



Dear Property Owner:

I am pleased to advise you that the City has obtained funding, and the following sections of Third Street are scheduled to be repaved:

  • a. From Chestnut Street north to State Street
  • b. From Forster Street (SR 3016) north to Muench Street
  • c. From Maclay Street north to Seneca Street

The project will also include new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps, traffic signal improvements and new street trees and tree pits at select locations. The project is currently in the final design phase with construction scheduled to begin in April 2017. A public meeting is scheduled for November 10, 2016 from 10am to 1pm at the Broad Street Market (Stone Building Closest to Third Street) to allow the public to review the proposed improvements prepared by the design team, which will be on display. I invite you to ask questions and provide feedback on these proposed improvements.

Some inconvenience will occur because of this work and it will be necessary to prohibit or to alter parking on the street during construction. “No Parking” signs will be posted approximately 24 hours in advance of the start of work. It might be necessary to post “No Parking” signs several times during the course of the entire project. Therefore, it is critical that residents and visitors alike check the area daily for new parking restrictions. If you will be away from your vehicle(s) for longer than an 18 to 24 hour period, whether due to illness or being out-of-town, please make arrangements with a neighbor, relative or friend to attend to your vehicle so that it will not be necessary to tow it.

Any charges incurred for vehicle towing will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Your cooperation in moving vehicles in a timely fashion during this project would be greatly appreciated. Please communicate this request to your tenants and customers if applicable. Questions concerning this project should be directed to the Office of the City Engineer at 255-3091.

With your support, infrastructure improvements including paving, planting new street trees and new energy efficient LED streetlights have been part of an overall City revitalization effort. I am pleased to report that your city has been registering gains in the number of businesses, jobs and livable homes. Our business and residential development has reversed many past years of decline. Much more needs to be done. Our resources are limited, but with the growing base of investment and pride in Harrisburg, we shall, together, continue with progress.

Please take this opportunity to schedule any proposed improvements that involve street cuts, such as new gas connections, sewer or water lateral connections or repairs prior to the commencement of construction. The cost to make any repairs after the paving is completed will significantly increase if it becomes necessary to cut open the newly paved street because of the degradation fee schedule in City Ordinance Section 9-103.

For these same reasons, I urge you to consider having a licensed plumber inspect and repair, if necessary, the existing sewer and water laterals and service connections. Per City Ordinance Section 9-507.5 property owners are responsible to repair all leaks or breaks in sanitary sewer or storm drain pipes connecting their respective property with the sewer mains. Property owners are also responsible for water laterals which supply, have supplied or are capable of supplying the property with water per City Ordinance Section 9-701.4.

Your help in making and keeping the neighborhood a good place within which to live and work— by keeping a fine property appearance, supporting crime prevention and being a good neighbor to others— is very much appreciated.

Mayor Eric Papenfuse


Harrisburg100 ✌🏽

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