Harrisburg, Pa – Pennsylvania attorney Marc Scaringi, founder of Scaringi Law, was a featured speaker during a rally to ‘Stop Critical Race Theory’ on the Pennsylvania Capitol steps in Harrisburg where a crowd of supporters and news media gathered. He described his efforts to battle critical race theory in public schools, and high profile legal challenges that he has negotiated.

Protesters attempted to disrupt Scaringi’s speech as he began to criticize Governor Wolf, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and former Health Secretary Dr. Levine, referencing the white male Democrat leadership in Pennsylvania. A group of men and a woman stormed the Capitol steps with a loud microphone. As the protesters approached the crowd, Scaringi dialed back his public criticism of the top Pennsylvania officials, saying, “Please don’t arrest or cancel me.”

Scaringi alluded to the consequences of publicly criticizing Democrat leadership, specifically former Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Levine, who has been appointed by President Biden as his assistant secretary of health. (Biden signed an executive order expediting transgender rights as a priority on his first day as Commander in Chief.)

Pennsylvania Capitol Police immediately intervened with the protesters and they quietly moved back to the street. Moments later as Scaringi continued his speech another group of activists marched up the Capitol steps carrying white flags. He spoke without further interruption and supporters cheered as he concluded his speech by referencing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Legal defense team prepared to defend teachers who refuse to teach critical race theory

Scaringi Law has announced a legal defense team to defend any teacher who refuses to teach critical race theory in school classrooms.

If a school takes disciplinary action against teachers who refuse to teach critical race theory, or if a school creates a hostile work environment based upon race, Scaringi Law’s legal defense team will defend those teachers. Federal law – Title VII – prohibits employment discrimination based on race.

The move comes in response to push-back by lawmakers, union representatives, and school officials on proposed legislation that would ban critical race theory in Pennsylvania classrooms. The American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten recently said the union is preparing litigation and has a legal defense fund to defend teachers who break the new laws. Weingarten promised to fight “culture warriors” who attempt to limit lessons on racism and discrimination by labeling it as critical race theory.

The issue has caused a divide in many communities. Some teachers are protesting the newly passed state laws that ban critical race theory or diversity curriculums, and more than 5,100 teachers have signed a pledge saying they will continue to teach critical race theory and plan to violate the new laws.

Pennsylvania state Rep. Donna Bullock welcomes teaching critical race theory in the classroom. In response to the proposed legislation, Bullock said, “It will prohibit our teachers from discussing issues that I think our children, our students want to talk about and want to move forward with; so as a parent and legislator, I’m very much against this.” Her statement was made during an interview with CBS21 News. Bullock said that she finds HB 1532 irresponsible, racist, sexist, and self-serving.

Pennsylvania state Reps. Russ Diamond and Barbara Gleim recently introduced HB 1532, the Teaching Racial and Universal Equality Act (TRUE Act), an act “providing for restrictions on racist and sexist concepts, for contracts, for penalty and for private cause of action.”

Scaringi’s legal efforts to battle critical race theory

Scaringi oversaw legal challenges brought to the Supreme Court over the Pennsylvania governor and health secretary’s executive orders issued during the COVID-19 pandemic, which he spoke of in a powerful speech that drew applause and cheers from a large crowd assembled on the Capitol steps during last year’s anti-lockdown demonstrations. Scaringi detailed the missteps of the Pennsylvania Health Secretary’s treatment of senior citizens in long-term care facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Cumberland County, Scaringi recently confronted South Middleton School District after they refused to hear criticism of critical race theory from teachers and parents. A district teacher, Andrew Fisher, was issued a cease and desist order from the school solicitor threatening him with legal action for attempting to communicate his objection of critical race theory to the school board and administration.

Scaringi published his opinion on the matter, implying that it appeared the district was attempting to silence Fisher simply because they disagreed with his objections. Upon intervention with the solicitor by Scaringi, Fisher’s rights were restored, therefore allowing the opinions of the school teacher and other parents to again be heard by the school board and district administration. “Students and parents have the right, protected by the First Amendment, to express their objection to the inclusion of critical race theory into their curriculum. You have rights,” Scaringi said.

Scaringi recently issued a warning to parents in the Camp Hill School District where he is a taxpayer and parent of four district students. In a blog post on social media, he wrote: “Attention Camp Hill School District (CHSD) Parents: CHSD has convened an Equity Advocacy Council to promote the introduction of the racist and sexist ‘educational equity,’ which is a version of critical race theory, ideology/pedagogy into the curriculum, policies, and practices of CHSD.”

Scaringi represented Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. in legal challenges brought in the United States Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals to attempt to ensure free, fair, and equal elections. Scaringi successfully challenged Pennsylvania Lieutenant Gov. John Fetterman’s blocking of certain Pennsylvanians from commenting on his Twitter account on the grounds it violated their right to free speech under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Scaringi also supervised the successful challenge, up to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, of the retroactive application of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.

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