CAMP HILL – Rebekah Hagan was the featured guest speaker at the Morning Star Annual Life-Saving Banquet, held April 13th at the Penn Harris Hotel in Camp Hill.

Hagan faced an unplanned pregnancy in her first year of college. At just over seven weeks pregnant, she began a medication abortion.

Hagan was told by the abortion clinic staff that the abortion pill, often called RU–486 – a series of two pills – was irreversible; but when regret gripped her, after taking the first pill, she found an answer to her prayer: the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR).

Hagan’s testimony centered around the fear that consumes women with instability in their lives when they learn they’re pregnant. She said this leads to impulse decisions which leads to regret. 

Her impulse decision resulted from an online search, which, she said, turned up eight abortion facilities within driving distance of her California hometown. Today, she said, there are more than 70 providers online that’ll easily sell & mail this chemical abortion pill to women in their moments of crisis. But, they’ll also sell them lies, she said. “They tell you it’s safe and effective.” In some cases, chemical abortions fail and a surgical abortion is still required.

Building on Hagan’s story, Morning Star Executive Director Linda Plummer shared how BigTech and Google lead women to abortion options, but shield results that include life-saving options, including the Abortion Pill Reversal, contrary to what her abortion clinic told her.

On its website, Morning Star notes that if a woman took mifepristone (known as RU486 or the “Abortion Pill”) and now wishes to reverse the effects of the Abortion Pill, call Morning Star or the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline staffed 24 hrs a day.

Morning Star is a medical clinic; it offers free pregnancy testing and free ultrasounds which can determine what gestational point you are in your pregnancy. Morning Star also provides free and confidential STD testing at any of its three locations in Harrisburg, Middletown or New Cumberland. It also offers counseling, material support and community referrals

During the banquet, appreciation was expressed to Knights of Columbus for leading a fundraising campaign that allowed Morning Star to purchase three new 4D ultrasound machines.

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