By: Dr. Stephanie Coxon

February 2020, I was on one of the last cruises to depart for a delightful vacation experience before the entire industry became land bound for two years. Tensions were high. We were cruising around Barbados for days as we waited for test results on whether a cruise worker had the dreaded corona virus (as it turns out, he had the flu). Conversations were ones of nervousness as I spoke to various people about not being in fear, but working on building their immune systems. As someone who has spent years in the naturopathic world, I was talking about what I talk about all the time! I had no inkling nor was there any reason for me to anticipate the lockdowns that would be happening just a few weeks later.

I was worried about finding the right chair on the sun deck, while apparently, we were at the precipice of the unraveling of the American way of life.  It was at this point the “conspiracy theories” began to download onto peoples laptops, phones, and social media accounts. People unquestioning, pulled up their masks, stayed home, and became glued to the incessant talk of death. Network and cable news shows had “covid death meters” constantly running on their screens. It was insane.  I had never, in my lifetime, seen anything like it.

It took me almost a year to find someone who I personally knew with covid. This was my favorite time to travel. Planes were empty, traffic was null, and I could get super cheap tickets. Until August of 2020, travel was a cinch. I am not saying it didn’t exist prior, but as we sat there in the “height” of the pandemic, I found it strange that as I maintained my normal life,the virus was hard to find. Despite seeing the news of hospitals being filled, many doctors were laid off, and the extra ships brought to help with the overloaded hospitals went unused. A first responder friend was getting daily “covid updates” from her country that included ventilator counts. At all times, there were more ventilators in use for conditions other than covid, but that little detail never made it to the evening news.

January 2021 came, people began to vaccinate, and it seemed that everyone was getting sick. As “theories” spread further (and they seemed to be true), the fear driven government and multinational corporations began to limit the information being disseminated, infamously fact checking anything created, even just in humor. The fact checkers, it turns out, were just ordinary Americans with no more information than the next (one, supposedly had a bio that included time as a stripper, but I guess that qualified as a fact checking medical profession in 2021). But all were dutifully touting the rhetoric of the government with no due diligence to be found. This is where we were in America in 2020 and continuing into 2023, fearful with a lack of access to information in the most information accessible time of our world history.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I understood Nazi Germany.  As a child (and even an adult), I could never grasp the idea that people would willingly get on a train and head to aconcentration camp.  Yet, when done in the name of safety, it makes perfect sense.  While the Nazis used this tactic to move the Jews along, they did the same with the German people- casting the Jewish citizens as contagious, disease carrying vermin.  Moving the Jews to other places meant a safe place for the rest of compliant society.

If you want to move a society in a particular direction, give them fear.  They will do anything to feel safe, cozy, and stay in complete ignorance.  As all of society sheltered-in-place, masked-up, missed critical learning, and was forced into vaccine mandate, we plunged into a psychological abyss where people couldn’t distinguish between truth and propaganda.  Mounting confusion led us to believe we held no rights and rather than having sovereignty, needed to do what was uncomfortable for the comfort and “safety” of others- regardless.

They pitted neighbor against neighbor, mother against daughter to make sure that you masked and got your vaccination, never mind a medical condition that may preclude a person.  What were the results?  A few deaths from lack of oxygen, a new phenomenon of mask acne, and psychological programming that still has some people believing the masks are going to magically protect them… and yes, it would take magic for a mask to prevent a virus.  If you did get the clot shot, you are probablytorn between feeling protected from Covid (until you got covid… and possibly got covid again…and again) and wondering why people seem to be dropping like flies from any number of maladies. If you fall for the propaganda, yet again, you will most likely believe the new news that gardening can lead to cardiac arrest, that it is completely normal to lose more athletes in the past year than in the past 60 years, and normal for 12 year olds to have heart attacks and strokes. If we are keeping score, conspiracy theorists -10, CNN -zero.

Beyond the unprotective masking and death shots, we learned the American education system has been taken over by progressive, liberal agendas much to the dismay of many Americans. It was being hidden behind a veiled wall of trust. As the average citizen sent their child off to school believing they were learning English, history, and arithmetic, a new door was opened when those students began to be taught at home.  Agendas, previously unknown to the parents now became apparent that school may be teaching much more.  What is the role of the school system?  It seems, these days, it is about creating equity rather than spending time on education. Funny, but equal opportunity (far different than “equity”) is created by stellar education!

As our education system plummets to the bottom, the school unions and your government are more concerned with taking away the years that females fought for equality in athletics, with safety and privacy within their own bathrooms and locker rooms; they want to ensure that Todd who now identifies as Tina has the right to share that bathroom and take that spot on the team- while our daughters are made to feel guilty to even question the issues. Is that education or is that a propaganda machine designed to hold back the success of any child whoquestions the system and walks through the door of common sense?  

So we have come to a crossroads over these past three years. From lockdowns, unfounded mandates, forced injections, to theindoctrination within our education system that discusses 57 genders and allows a “they/them” to use our daughters’ restroom and take her spot on the team without so much as a question; we need to stop complying. Want a successful child? It is time to find a school that doesn’t accept government funding or get to know the homeschooling crowd- that would be my first suggestion. But the real end game? if the government says it, run the other way, question everything, and if you are being led in fear, you are probably running in the wrong direction. I’ve got the past three years and my winning record of conspiracy theories to prove it.

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