Manheim, Pennsylvania – Democrat Josh Shapiro, a pro-lockdown, school closing, children masking attorney general, tweeted today claiming to be a pro-freedom candidate, and he was swiftly rebutted by his opposition, Colonel Doug Mastriano, a 30-year combat veteran with top secret clearance in the United States Army.

Josh Shapiro now remains silent after Doug Mastriano challenged him to a debate tonight in Manheim, Pa.

As an added incentive, Mastriano was kind enough to offer to provide Shapiro with a box to give him something to stand on, because Shapiro has been dodging questions about his failed record as attorney general with surging crime in Pennsylvania. This comment caused Twitter to erupt, and a discussion ensued on how many milk crates it would take to entice Mr. Shapiro to debate his gubernatorial opponent. An informal poll concluded that a bakers scaffolding would likely be most suitable to level the playing field for Mr. Josh.

It was also discovered that according to trending search results people are researching Josh Shaprio’s height, and Google is returning with a propaganda news article falsely claiming Mr. Shaprio is 6’0”.

During a press conference today in Lancaster County, when asked about election integrity and confidence in the election results, Mastriano said volunteer poll watchers are needed throughout the state to ensure fair elections.

In regards to an outbreak of murder and violent crime in Pennsylvania cities, Mastriano said he would consider sending the National Gaurd into the most dangerous Philadelphia neighborhoods if other targeted efforts would fail to address surging violent crime. He cautioned that there would be great hesitation in sending in the National Guard, and said it would be an avenue of last resort.

When asked a follow up question about his statements on crime, Mastriano added, “We are going to war with sex traffickers in Pennsylvania,” and he will begin a task force on January 17, 2022, his first day in office.

Mastriano has also previously mentioned that he will end the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative on day one of his administration, and all Pennsylvanians will prosper with the signing of the Pennsylvania Energy Independence Act. Mastriano said energy pipelines could be routed from western Pennsylvania along the Pa. turnpike to ports in Philadelphia and Erie.

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