Photo Credit: Courtney Reed

By: Sean Guay

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is an energy powerhouse that is abundant in oil, natural gas, and coal resources, yet energy prices are rapidly increasing due to failed government policy. Republican candidate for Governor, Doug Mastriano, spoke today with Lou Dobbs about his plan to make Pennsylvania number one in energy.

If elected as Governor, Douglas V. Mastriano said he will sign the Pennsylvania Energy Independence Act on January 17, 2023, his first day in office. Mastriano will remove Pennsylvania from the regional greenhouse gas initiative, and effectively cancel the green new deal in Pennsylvania. Mastriano said within weeks, energy prices will be reduced for Pennsylvanians, and their livelihood will prosper with real economic activity.

Mastriano’s goal is to make Pennsylvania number one in energy production in the nation. He is planning the construction of new pipelines to transport liquified natural gas, which he calls “freedom gas,” through Pittsburgh to coastal ports in Philadelphia and Erie.

Mastriano said he has secured pledges from NATO allies to purchase fuel from Pennsylvania, rather than to rely on Russia, or Norway. He plans to open state lands for energy development, and said Pennsylvania will responsibly drill and dig like never before.

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