Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Appearing in a scripted video that he recently tweeted in July 2022, John Fetterman posed in a scene arranged with a sign vandalized with gang graffiti. His wife Gisele posed with him. In the video, Fetterman ranks his favorite color of freeze pop, in which he singles out purple, green, and yellow.

Fetterman’s campaign denies that Fetterman has any affinity for the Crips, but in a 2015 interview, Fetterman was asked to explain his affiliation with the national street gang that he credited for winning his mayoral election of 2005 in Braddock, Pennsylvania. “Ultimately I carry their flag, because they’re the ones that made the difference that I won by one vote that first election,” Fetterman said.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, The New York Times photographed Fetterman in front of the same sign with the same gang graffiti for a 2011 profile. Fetterman’s wife also posted a photo to social media in 2020 with the same sign in the background.

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