By: Sean Guay

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano criticized the Philadelphia Inquirer for its reporting of vulgar and sexist tweets made by Democrat Austin Davis, the running mate of Josh Shapiro.

Shapiro and Davis are under scrutiny for controversial tweets that Davis wrote in the past. Davis made vulgar and inappropriate references to women, calling their behavior “ghetto,” and referring to women as b—h. He tweeted about being too drunk, and in another tweet, Davis bragged about being pulled over twice in the same night with no consequences.

In a tweet highlighting the story, The Philadelphia Inquirer glazed over the vulgar details of Davis’ comments, mentioning only that Davis was in favor of female contraception.

In response to the report authored by Chris Brennan and William Bender, Mastriano wrote in a social media post, “And the traditional media shows its bias by deflection and trivialization of Davis’s tweets. The Inquirer is the cheerleader section for Shapiro/ Davis, leaving no logical fallacy unused in their defense of them.

Mastriano called the reporting “Fake News,” and finished by asking, “Who takes them serious?

Davis made a variety of tweets that, by Democrat standards, are homophobic and sexist. In one tweet, Davis questioned why a professor would highlight an article that discussed how to bring your child up gay. In another tweet, Davis suggested women should take birth control to avoid pregnancy.

Many voters are now questioning his character in general, as well as Josh Shapiro’s endorsement of Austin Davis.

Shapiro and Davis have been called on to resign by Attorney Jenna Ellis.

In March 2020, The Philadelphia Inquirer fired its last remaining conservative writer for authoring pro-life tweets. Syndicated columnist Christine Flowers was let go by the Inquirer after 17 years, as originally reported by Harrisburg100. Flowers was initially confronted by management in mid-February and agreed to go silent on Twitter, but soon reactivated her account against the Inquirer’s wishes, which led to her dismissal.

The day before she was fired, Flowers posted to social media in support of Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, writing, “I hope he keeps this up. He is giving aid to those who think the court is in the thrall of leftist judicial activists. Most of whom will be voting for Not Democrat.”

Roberts was speaking out against Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. In rare rebuke, Chief Justice Roberts slammed Schumer for ‘threatening’ comments made outside the Supreme Court as the justices were hearing a case on abortion rights.

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