By: Sean Guay

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor Austin Davis, running mate of PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro, is under scrutiny for controversial tweets that he wrote in the past.

Davis authored various tweets that, by Democrat standards, are homophobic and sexist. In one tweet, Davis questioned why a professor would highlight an article that discussed how to bring your child up gay. In another tweet, Davis suggested women should take birth control to avoid pregnancy.

Davis made other inappropriate references to women. He tweeted about being drunk, and in another tweet, Davis bragged about being pulled over twice in the same night with no consequences.

Many voters are now questioning his character in general, as well as Josh Shapiro’s endorsement of Austin Davis.

One comment on Twitter suggested that Davis does not support inclusion and diversity.

Overall the inappropriate writings of Davis have critics calling into question his morals, and integrity.

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  1. A black man that does not support inclusion and diversity? Give me a break, already!



  2. I was a life long Democrat until 2019. Never again.



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