Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Attorney General Josh Shapiro tweeted Saturday, writing, “l’m going to implement same-day voter registration in Pennsylvania because I believe every eligible voter should be able to cast their ballot on Election Day.”

Shapiro also wants to implement pre-registration for 16-17 year olds. He is campaigning for Pennsylvania Governor as the Democrat nominee.

Shapiro was slammed with harsh criticism of his voter registration plan and other proposals in the comments on his tweet. Some Pennsylvania voters questioned if the change could be exploited as another opportunity for election fraud.

Many voters also have questioned why ID wasn’t required at some polling places during the primary election in Pennsylvania, and if it would be required for same-day registration.

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Harrisburg’s News Source

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  1. Just another way to cheat. There is absolutely no reason to register on the day of the election. The current registration deadline gives anyone who want to vote plenty of time to register. If this is implemented on election day 100,000 democrats will register on election day right after they voted at another precinct.



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