Schools are becoming a political training ground, contrary to leftist media, who rather you not hear the initiatives taking place, or the indoctrination complaints parents are raising at board meetings.

If a Camp Hill resident were to attend the March 14th Camp Hill School Board Meeting, they would have heard two parents’ complaints about a high school English teacher whose anti-Christian curriculum has been ongoing for many months, if not years. Recently, the students were exposed to the teacher’s own written curriculum, on the “myth of the modern family.” Sound Marxist to you? This study kicked off with a graphic memoir “Stitches” – which contains vulgar images like a crying child getting an enema and Jesus illustrated satanically.

The class also read an anti-Christian autobiography, “The Unlikely Disciple,” supplemented by materials portraying Christians as bigoted, ignorant fools. (The book was not selected on literary merit, as it has not been recognized for any awards.)

In appealing this, the parent was invited to use alternative reading materials for her child, but she was told that it must conform to this teacher’s literary sources, like: Natalie Angier, a proud and outspoken atheist; or leftist writers David Brooks and Stephanie Coontz, both of which question the value of the family structure in today’s society. Sounding Marxist, yet??

Since local media no longer covers school board meetings, parents must pay attention. It’s not every curriculum resource and it’s most certainly not every teacher, but, to use a phrase I use often: pluck the weeds to preserve the garden. 

Caroline Machiraju, Camp Hill

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