Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – Speaking live during an election integrity conference with Doug Mastriano, Mike Lindell, and others today in Gettysburg, Steve Bannon described the function of the state legislature and the need to decertify unconstitutional 2020 electors to avoid fraud in the 2022 election. Bannon harshly criticized Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro. Bannon said that Shapiro “needs to stand up and be a man. Perform your function as the attorney general of one of the greatest states in this country, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

Bannon said, “We have to get to the bottom of this and we have to bring out all the guns. We have to bring out every legal opportunity we have to force this, and right now it’s in the state legislatures in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia. In Pennsylvania it’s pretty obvious the ballots were unconstitutional.”

“This has to go from President Trump all the way down. It still has to be our number one priority. And here is the reason: Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. People throughout the world, our enemies, hedge fund guys on Wall Street guys and the city of London, everybody knows what the story is, everybody know that the democrats stole the election. [Foreign leaders who wont take Biden’s calls] understand he is not a legitimate president.”

Bannon blasted Joe Biden, calling him incompetent, and said, “stolen elections have consequences.”

Bannon called on republican controlled state legislatures to act.

“People understand the election was stolen,” Bannon emphasized.

Bannon said Shapiro fears Mastriano’s Trump-like following, and he referenced a desperate plea for $10 donations Shapiro made in a tweet prior to the conference.

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  1. Soros-funded Josh Shapiro will never stand up for the truth of the 2020 election because:
    1) he orchestrated the whole cheating scam
    2) He only “won” his AG post 3 days post election, as the illegal vote dumps were counted, along with Conor Lamb and Joe Biden. They all lost BIGLY in Pennsylvania.



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