YORK, Pa. – Kate Bobincheck and the ‘Susquehanna Scarlet Hearts’ have been nominated to raise funds for the American Heart Association to improve women’s health. The group posed for a photo shoot at the Kinsley Construction site of the $54M Yorktown Hotel in downtown York.

Each year a select group of women are nominated to be a part of the Woman of Impact initiative because of their passion and drive to make a difference. All nominees will bring together their own network to form an impact team, set a goal, explore fundraising resources, and have a direct impact on our community.

This special group of women will be celebrated for the overall impact they have on our community and the mission of the American Heart Association. The woman who brings her network together to have the largest impact will be named the 2022 South Central PA Woman of Impact Award winner.

This year, Molly Halbert, owner of m.elene, was nominated and brought together an incredible group of women, The Susquehanna Scarlet Hearts. Together, they are working to reach their goal of raising $70,000 for the American Heart Association, while building a healthier, more active community.

Each nominee is individually raising money on behalf of the cause. Follow this link to contribute.

♥️ Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year

♥️ Cardiovascular disease kills more women than all forms of cancer combined

♥️ Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of new moms

♥️ Most cardiovascular diseases can still be prevented with education and healthy lifestyle changes

♥️ Women are often less likely to receive bystander CPR because rescuers often fear accusations of inappropriate touching, sexual assault or injuring the victim

♥️ Only 38% of participants in clinical cardiovascular trials are women

The Susquehanna Scarlet Hearts are a team of changemakers who are excited to engage our networks to make the biggest impact possible on women’s health! We’re raising much-needed funds for the American Heart Association and working to improve the health of our communities.

Throughout history, women have stepped up. Stepped out. Overcome opposition. Led the workforce. Joined forces. Blasted into space. Women’s passion has made history…but their actual hearts haven’t. Heart disease and stroke have never been just men’s diseases, but through the years women have been left out of scientific studies.

Now we are fighting for better representation in medical research. Fighting for equitable access to care and treatments. Fighting to spread lifesaving information to our sisters. Fighting to overcome the No. 1 killer of women because losing even one woman is too many.

It’s not just about wearing red. It’s not just about sharing heart health facts. It’s about all of us making a commitment to stand together with Go Red for Women in the fight for heart-health equality.

When we take a stand and work together, real change is possible. Together, we can make an impact. Are you with me in making a real impact on women’s health? Every dollar counts and I’m counting on you!

The time is now. Please consider donating money on my page. Participate with my team and myself as we educate women on how to make healthy fitness and food choices, lower our blood pressure, and not become 1 in 3 that will die of cardiovascular disease.


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Harrisburg’s News Source

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  1. “Dr.” Kimeka Campbell is behind the camera no doubt



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