Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – A ‘pumpkin spice’ protest has caught the attention of Dauphin County Prothonotary Matt Krupp, who shared a photograph of a man in downtown Harrisburg holding a poster that reads, “F- THAT PUMPKIN SPICE.” Krupp snapped the photograph himself.

The protester has recently drawn attention with his pumpkin spice messaging, and has also made a name for himself in Harrisburg as an activist, known as Jamal Isam Aboriginal. Mr. Aboriginal has been protesting for 2 years. He said his activism began when he spoke out against discrimination in the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

According to Mr. Aboriginal, “They will still Emmit Till anyone of us, so we might as well boycott like MLK did the Pumpkin Spice.”

Posted by hbg100.com

Harrisburg’s News Source

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  1. Krupp camera is focused



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