By: Sean Guay

Mechanicsburg, Pa. – At Thursday’s school board reorganization meeting on December 2, 2021, Heather Dunn was appointed as Cumberland Valley School Board President.

Although Dunn has formerly served in the capacity of board president, the unexpected move stirred controversy at the meeting. Heather Dunn is the lone Democrat board member in the Cumberland Valley School District. She is also chairman of the nominating committee.

“I must admit my concerns of this seemingly conflict of interest whereby the chairman of the nominating committee was in fact interested in the position of president.”

Jason Snyder and other parents accused Dunn of using her position on the nomination committee to oust former school board president Brian Drapp.

At last month’s public meeting on November 23, 2021, former school board president Brian Drapp announced his resignation. It was a decision that caught many parents by surprise. The sequence of events has brought into question the timing of Drapp’s resignation, and the suspected backroom deals that preluded the vote for the newly elected president.

Superintendent David Christopher lauded Dunn in 2020 as “truly an exceptional leader of the board during some really challenging and difficult times.”

Former Cumberland Valley School Board president Brian Drapp called it a power grab when he resigned from his position last month. Blaming other board members for forcing his hand, to seize leadership positions for themselves.


“You have orchestrated a coup, you stole your seat, lets see how you behave from here. I hope its better.” said Jason Snyder.


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