By: Caroline Machiraju

Harrisburg, Pa. – A month ago, the PA. Dept of Health proudly unveiled their Covid-19 “Post-Vaccination” data page; but the data needs dusted off.

Other states are reporting steep rises in breakthrough; even deaths. So, is PA holding this data close to the belt? If so, why? It’s imperative parents who are jumping to this promise of salvation now for their little ones have all the facts before them

Pa’s acting Health Secretary Alison Beam has consistently used the language that the Covid-19 vaccine is “highly effective at preventing hospitalizations and death.” (Apparently it’s not effective at protecting you from the virus like vaccines have historically promised.) But, no matter the claim: only data can support or dispute it.

Beam boasted about October 18’s breakthrough data, but it really wasn’t all that assuring: 26% of the state’s 4,989 hospitalizations at that time – over a 30-day span – were “breakthrough” Covid admissions. Likewise, that same percentage – 26% of 135,098 cases were “breakthrough” cases.

As for death data? None. 

They blamed that on a “60-day lag” in their reporting and verification process. Vaccines have rolled out in January in Pa., so one would think they would share some “breakthrough” death data by now (mid-November).

Perhaps, Pennsylvanians want to know how this so-called “highly-effective” vaccine is faring before it experiments on its 1 million 5-11 year olds in the state.  

Beam has alluded to the variant making things more challenging, but this same vaccine formula – while a smaller kid-size dosage – has been given to 12-17 year olds; and now, 5-11 year olds. 

”If the incidence or severity of post-vaccination cases increase, this could be a signal of reduced protection against a variant,” a DOH statement reads.  Ok. Sooo…  Where’s the latest post-vaccination data?? 

Is the Pa. DOH setting these kids up for a breakthrough disaster?? Is the severity increasing? Is it time to start acknowledging antibody dependent enhancement?? How soon will the so-called immunity from this “vaccine” wane for children? Will they have to get a booster every 6- months? 9-months?? Oh! And the variants. There are multiple variants circulating. Which vaccine “formulation” should they get??

Or perhaps we can tell parents that there isn’t any more cause for alarm than the flu season, for kids. Perhaps we can turn the dial down on the panic and tell them the truth? What say you, DOH? 

Other states:

In Massachusetts, half of the new Covid cases are breakthrough cases. And, in Saratoga County, New York, there were more cases in vaccinated than unvaccinated.

In Alabama, of the roughly 328 hospitalized with Covid, around 65 are vaccinated. That’s around 1 in 5, or 20%. 

Arizona has seen about 49,962 breakthrough cases among the state’s vaccinated; of those, 376 have died. Health officials there have also observed that the bulk of those breakthrough’s – 60% – were among those who received the Pfizer vaccine. 

In Minnesota, the state’s breakthrough total as of Monday reached 64,844 infections — more than 2% of Minnesota’s fully vaccinated population — and 483 COVID-19 deaths.

In Vermont, vaccinated cases totaled about 1,100 cases, 29 hospitalizations and 13 deaths in the past two weeks, out of a vaccinated population of nearly 470,000 people.

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