By: Lowman Henry

I have been in politics/government for a very long time, but I can never recall a candidate seeking public office with a history of 22 civil and criminal cases filed against him, including having served a sentence for corruption of minors.

Alex Rajis is running for Lower Paxton Township Supervisor.

In 2017 he pled GUILTY to corruption of minors and served three years on probation. The judge in the case even barred him from travelling outside of the country. I have read the docket and the details are truly disturbing.

This alone disqualifies him from serving on the governing body of Dauphin County’s largest municipality.

He has also been found GUILTY of writing bad checks numerous times. He has a long trail of unpaid business bills and bankruptcy. He had a tax lien in the amount of $32,000 posted against him. He lost judgements against him for not paying his orthodontist $4,230.68, failure to pay Southcentral EMS $2,799.48 and non-payment to Drexel University in the amount of $2,283.03.

Oh, and throw in numerous unpaid parking tickets.

All of this adds up to a life long pattern of irresponsible personal financial behavior to go along with disgusting immoral behavior.

All of this, by the way, is a matter of public record. His criminal docket is available from the Clerk of Courts office, and details of his other transgressions can be found at

It is vitally important that the voters of Lower Paxton Township do not allow this man anywhere near a seat of the Board of Supervisors.

We have two dedicated, proven public servants in Norm Zoumas and Paul Navarra seeking re-election to the board on November 2nd.

Please reject Mr. Ragis and his reprehensible personal conduct and vote for Norm Zoumas and Paul Navarro who will serve you with dignity and respect.

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