Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Live on air, morning show host RJ Harris gave a shout out to his friend Lewis Butts, a mayoral candidate for the upcoming election in Harrisburg.

Early Wednesday morning on WHP580 radio while discussing the election, RJ Harris spoke of the candidates and highlighted Lewis Butts as his friend.

The primary election is on May 18, 2021, and an array of candidates have entered the contest.

Exclusively for hbg100.com, Lewis Butts gave a preview of his 2021 “Harrisburg First” mayoral campaign.

Mr. Butts said that the bold initiatives that he is proposing will give him an innovative advantage amongst the broad field of mayoral candidates.

Lewis Butts has a plan to create high paying “green” jobs, and new sources of revenue for the City of Harrisburg. Of his many proposed initiatives, most notably Butts plans to produce hydroelectric power from the Susquehanna River.

Preview of “Harrisburg First” initiatives being proposed by Lewis Butts for the City of Harrisburg:

Voith HydroDam – Hyrdro-electric power plant: A two part revenue – According to the PA Dept. of Community and Economic Development, Energy & Technology top the list for key industries in Pennsylvania. Using the most powerful natural force in Harrisburg, the power of the Susquehanna river will be harnessed and converted into clean energy which will provide jobs and a sustainable future for the region. The dam will also raise the water level in the river, creating an ideal harbor for greater boating and recreational activities. A feature of the dam that is invaluable will be the potential added benefit of improved flood control in the city, which will reduce flood insurance premiums.

Toll Bridges – A proposal to toll the incoming city traffic of non-city residents.

Speed Enforcement Traffic Light Program – A self-sustaining safety program using red light cameras to enforce traffic laws and support the network of surveillance cameras throughout the city.

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