Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Former New York City Mayor/ Mafia prosecutor Rudy Giuliani called in live today during the Ken Matthews afternoon radio show on WHP580 in Harrisburg, Pa.

After discussing recent revelations about the international corruption of the Biden family, Ken Matthews mentioned to Giuliani that Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman, a Democrat, is under siege from the left after he tweeted photos of the actual crowd size of the Trump rally in Butler, Pa., where an estimated 30,000 people gathered to see President Trump.

Giuliani instinctively responded that perhaps Fetterman might need a protection detail going forward to provide security from the democrat party bosses, calling them “goons.” Ken Matthews informed Giuliani that Fetterman is 6’ 6” tall, thus prompting a burst of laughter.

Fetterman received swift backlash from the left after tweeting the photos and making other remarks on CNN questioning the polls that favor Biden in Pennsylvania. His former supporters on twitter began calling his tweet a “right wing fake news,” and, “MAGA propaganda.”

Fetterman posted a follow up explaining that his tweet was an actual photo of the crowd at the Trump rally.

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