Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – It is unfortunate to report that children continue to suffer in the capital city.

On Saturday afternoon a boy was allegedly sexually assaulted, then shot and killed as he cried for help, naked on the street in broad daylight in Allison Hill. The suspect is a convicted child sex predator.

Community activist Kevin Maxson spoke out in support of Harrisburg youth following Saturday’s tragedy.

Also this week it was reported that nearly half of the parents whose children attend Harrisburg School District did not pick up a laptop for their child. Many parents do not have access to a wifi network in their homes to provide a virtual learning environment.

A Harrisburg man posted an emotionally charged video regarding the situation that has now gone viral on social media.

In the video, Brent Bishop Bang Mosley said many Harrisburg parents didn’t graduate from school themselves, yet now they are expected to school their own children from home.

Mosley conveyed a personal story of being targeted in his own community, where he was nearly murdered during a robbery attempt, and tells his mother that he has more fear of being murdered by his own kind than he does of being pulled over by police.

Mosley also spoke out about rappers and professionals athletes who talk about “bliggity bliggity black power,” but those same superstars invest in European designer brands rather than rebuilding black communities.


Related: Stepson of sex offender who murdered Harrisburg child says man molested him and many other kids

The stepson said he is glad that he didn’t speak up about the abuse until he was 18. “Looking back I’m glad I didn’t because that could’ve been me years back. I’m grateful to still be alive.”

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