Harrisburg, Pa – Dauphin County Commissioner Mike Pries responded to a tweet from Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman on Saturday. Fetterman has a history of trolling President Trump supporters on Twitter, and the Commission called out his inappropriate behavior in the tweet. Pries compared him to a “train as it speeds off the track,” and alerted the leadership of Pennsylvania. 

Just weeks ago Fetterman was tweeting his excitement to show off an inappropriate anit-Trump shirt from his political campaign. The shirt contained derogatory language.

Pa Secretary of Pardons, Brandon Flood, who was appointed by Fetterman in 2019, defended the tweet of the Lt. Governor, in a facebook comment, calling it a “tactic” that Fetterman was “simply using the Forever Trumpers’ own words against them.”

Flood went on to say that he believes that Commissioner Pries probably understood that Fetterman was using this ‘tactic.’ 

When asked if he believes that Fetterman is mentally unstable, Flood jokingly replied, “Nah. He’s cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. Lol.”


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