Atlanta, GA – Recently, the Revolt Summit held a panel that discussed hip-hop and politics, and found a variety of people on the panel like rappers T.I., Killer Mike, Trump supporter Candace Owens, and more.

While on the panel, the discussion turned to the “Make America Great Again” slogan and an angry group led by T.I. began targeting Candace Owens.

Initially Owens stated that she wanted to make Black America great.

While raising his voice and using profanity, T.I. insisted that Owens explain, “Which period was America great that we’re trying to replicate?”

Owens was repeatedly cut off when she tried to deliver a response to T.I., mentioning that slavery was all around the world, and America was actually one of the first countries to end slavery.

In fact, slavery still exists in other parts of the world.

T.I. eventually digressed to yelling at the young black female republican, telling her, “You started with some bullsh**.”

Killer Mike said America was great 7 years after the Civil War.

Given the success he has found in his life in America, T.I. might want to consider if would have been afforded similar opportunities in another nation overseas.

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