Update: School Board Members bribed to sway key votes

Harrisburg, PA – In an effort to improve the education system for the suffering children of Harrisburg, Kia Hansard has been leading the charge to restore integrity into our school district.

She recently made a public announcement that she is aware of an inside effort to oust Judd Pittman.

This year Pittman was elected as school board President, a post previously held by Danielle Robinson. Pittman has been celebrated for his dedication to the children of Harrisburg and his integrity in leading the board. Harrisburg’s school board has been known for corruption and mismanagement for years, and it was with great relief that an honest member would be leading the board. Unfortunately, dirty politics could be holding up the progress that Harrisburg’s children are in desperate need of.

Robinson has been a staunch defender of Harrisburg School District Superintendent Sybil Knight-Burney. The majority of Harrisburg residents agree that the leadership under this superintendent has been dreadful, and it is time for new management. Pittman has voted to not renew contract of Knight-Burney.

With the school board spilt on this issue, Pittman is now in the crosshairs of old guard politics who are fighting tooth and nail to protect their alliance. It is commonly believed the the old alliance only wish to protect their political agenda, with no real pursuit towards the best interests of the children.

All Harrisburg residents are asked to show up to the school board meeting on Monday night to voice their opinions and support for Pittman.

Also of note this week, it is believed that a prearranged collusion will reinstate previous old guard board member Lola Lawson to the school board. The frequency and timing of recent resignations has become suspiciously inconvenient for the stability of the district.

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