By: Christine McIlhenny

Fort Hunter (Harrisburg) PA – It isn’t impossible to make the best of a bad situation. Just ask Linn Mosely of Harrisburg. As the Susquehanna climbs higher and higher, out of its bed, reaching over its banks, several have gathered at Fort Hunter to see nature in action!

🎣 Observers at Fort Hunter survey the conditions of the Susquehanna River – Photo Credit: Christine McIlhenny

The muddied waters look more like the chocolate river flowing inside Hershey’s Chocolate World, than the serene beauty of the Susquehanna River.

Mosely is not the least bit deterred by the conditions, in fact, he’s reeling in a fish, a big one! As onlookers cheer him on, he works out the hook and holds up his prize, but there’s more!

🎣 Linn Mosley at Fort Hunter with his catfish catch – Photo Credit: Christine McIlhenny

Mosely smiles and shyly proclaims he is Harrisburg’s best fisherman! Judging by the hearty stringer of 5 or 6 catfish he pulled up from the murky water, including a hefty 10 pounder, he just may be right!

It’s a little like taking life’s lemons to make lemonade. The waters will recede. In the meantime lemonade goes very well with fried catfish. 🍋 🎣

🎣 Spectators watch Linn Mosley reel in his catch from the overflowing Susquehanna River – Photo Credit: Christine McIlhenny

🎣 Facing west towards Marysville – Photo Credit: Christine McIlhenny

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