Harrisburg, PA – Nevin Mindlin is a distinguished citizen of the Harrisburg community with a most impressive background including his time as an aviation electronics technician in the US Navy. Mindlin’s résumé is bolstered by a lengthy list of academic achievements that began with studying Foreign Service at Georgetown University, then eventually earning a Masters degree in Political Science from Lehigh University. He dedicated nearly a decade of public service as Legislative Director to the PA Bar Association.

Now as a public policy consultant, Mindlin occasionally publishes short opinion captions and supporting references on his personal social media profile. In regards to the immigration crisis America is facing, he recently posted this:

Well known award winning author and Harrisburg native Bill Keisling has composed a collection of books and investigative reports. He has exposed real corruption in Pennsylvania and has written in-depth analysis of some of our eras most heinous political and institutional crimes.

Keisling’s published works and columns were steady until August of 2016. Since then he has been relatively unheard from. It was rumored that he is authoring a full scale report detailing major corruption in Pennsylvania involving illegal dealings of contributions, media influence, and insider collaborations.

Suspicious have arisen questioning what has become of Keisling’s work and if he has now been swayed, or perhaps leveraged, by the corruption that he was investigating.

Keisling has recently appeared in the comment section of a local Harrisburg citizen’s posts on Facebook. He exposes his far-left socialist leanings by using unwarranted party line attack phrases such as ‘Nazi collaborator’ to describe an upstanding member of the Harrisburg Jewish community. In response to Nevin Mindlin’s post about the surge of illegal immigrants and unaccompanied children crossing the U.S. border, Keisling makes highly insensitive remarks essentially comparing immigrant children to the murdered Jews of the Holocaust as leverage to advance his political ideology.

Keisling expresses no connection to or concern for the suffering children who seek asylum at our Nation’s border. His actual priorities include defending a socialist ideology and obstructing the progress of capitalism.

Keisling digs in deep and continues his anti-semitic accusations by insinuating Mindlin to be a Jewish-Nazi collaborator and slides in a reference reminiscent of the Jewish shoe piles during the Holocaust.

His callous remarks are insensitive to the atrocity of the millions of Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust. He continues to equate this with the U.S. immigration crisis that has been decades in making, a crisis that exploded under Obama in 2014 with a surge of unaccompanied women and children illegally crossing the US border. The Obama administration also detained illegal immigrants and used the same facilities that President Trump has been harshly criticized for.

Mindlin makes the argument that in fact it is Keisling who espouses a fascist ideology through his alignment with democratic socialism. He also makes a valid point that the immigrant families are being used to advance the ill-fated agenda of the Democratic Party.

Keisling doubles down on his outlandish accusations of Mindlin collaborating with Nazis.

Beau Brown, another upstanding Harrisburg citizen with impressive professional and personal accolades, also reply’s to Mindlin’s post and at first pays homage to the previous published works of Keisling, then explains his disagreement with Keisling’s tasteless and careless anti-semitic comments.

The spirit of the original ideological debate continues in an exchange between Brown and Keisling on a new post published yesterday. Brown calls out Keisling for being a communist sympathizer.

Keisling espouses extreme socialist rhetoric and in a hypothetical scenario he suggests a game show, where he identifies as a capitalist southern slave master in attempt to bait Brown into submitting to the socialist/communist ideology.

Brown holds his ground and defends the free market economy.

Keisling’s social media postings also express his personal opinions, sometimes backed up by supporting references. However, recently he has entered a dark realm in spreading hatred, racism, and attacks on religion, and has now resorted to a simple internet memes style expression of hate.

In response to this post, Keisling’s own followers have become fed up with the divisive nature of his ideology, and they confront his insensitivity towards the Holocaust genocide.

Nevin Mindlin follows up today with a sincere piece from the Wall Street Journal:

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